2002: The Year of the Attach-A-Bike!

This was a seriously big step for me – I got to peddle on the Ride for Heart for the very first time, thanks to this mind-blowing contraption, known as the Attach-A-Bike, seen below: 

4th Lemonade 2002 Ride

H&S Ride 2002-33

Ride for Heart 2002: Also known as the Ride with giant-fuzzy-cowboy-hats-of-amazing.

H&S Ride 2002-34Maybe too big for me? You decide.

Lemonade Stand #4-14

Okay, so my 4th lemonade stand also introduced the incredible balloon creations, pictured above… on my head. Along with my stupendous sparkly gold jacket. I was a really really cool toddler, trust me. Also, I seem to be growing a bit, no? Maybe. I’m still short today (not quite that short though), so it’s tough to tell. 


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