2006: The Year of My Apprentice!

This was a really huge year for the lemonade stand. Heck, it was a really huge year in my life as a whole. My little brother was born in February of 2006, which was the biggest and best change of my short life so far. He’d been what I had wished for every year on my birthday, and so 2006 was truly a miracle year for me and my family. Joshua was a great apprentice – he sat in his high chair at about 4 months old, looked completely adorable (see for yourself in the pictures below), and just won the whole crowed over. Well, I mean, how could he not have? He was 4 months old! Joshua was the greatest gift I could have ever received, and that year, as I wrote to my long-time pen pal Mr. Donald Trump, I told him that I now had an apprentice too – just like he did on his television show.


Adorable? I think yes. phoca_thumb_l_amandas_8_th._lemonade_stand_1

Look at the just-off-centre-right of the picture – Insanely cute baby in yellow hat! Oh… and a girl pouring some lemonade, or something 🙂 phoca_thumb_l_amandas_8_th._lemonade_stand_9

The Ride that year was pretty great too. I mean, you can almost smell my enthusiasm after finishing from here! phoca_thumb_l_amandas_8_th._lemonade_stand_4

I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty darn awesome if you ask me!

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