2009: The Year of the “Nothing’s Impossible” Song

All really cool people have songs, am I right? They either have songs written by them, for them, or about them. Well, in my case it’s actually all three!!! Our family is friends with another family, and their daughter is a musician/song-writer. She proposed to write a song for me, about the lemonade stand, portraying the positive message of giving back and making a difference. I couldn’t have been more excited. So, I helped write a little bit of the song (but it was mostly Sarah – she’s awesome!), and before I knew it, one of my dad’s friends was recording it and putting it on a CD for us to have. Since then, I have played “Nothing’s Impossible (When You Use Your Heart)” at pretty much every speaking engagement I go to, and at every lemonade stand since then. Sarah and I even sang it at the Ride for Heart one year! phoca_thumb_l_singing our song sm


phoca_thumb_l_kathleen wynne - lemonade 2009

And what would the lemonade stand be, without the support of our local politicians and community change-makers! Here is me, with my former MPP, now premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne. She has honestly been a tremendous support for so many years, and I can’t thank her enough for her belief in me!

phoca_thumb_l_cookie going in - lemonade 2009

And what would a blog-post be, without an adorable picture of Joshua (and I guess me too)? Oh, he really does grow up so fast!

Quotes By Josh at that age: (Trust me, we wrote the cute stuff down)

Me: Joshua, you’re going to have a cookie counter this year at the lemonade stand!”

Joshua: No! No! No!

Me: What? Why not, what’s the problem with a cookie counter?

Joshua: I don’t want to count cookies!!!

(After we explained it to him) “One for me, one for chairdy!” (Talking about cookies)

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