17th Annual Lemonade Stand – JOSHIFIED!!!!!!

Joshua made the 17th Annual Amanda’s Lemonade Stand his own as the CEO when he added support for Organ Transplants and Donations to the already wonderful event and really showed everyone that  ‘everything is possible when you use your heart’.  What a beautiful October day…..both Lemonade AND Hot Chocolate were served along with other amazing food like the amazing pizza by Richtree Market Restaurants, the always popular Dippin Dots Ice Cream, the oh so yummy Corn on the Cob by Mr. Corn, the new exciting ChimneyStax, never missed popcorn supplied by Avenue Rentals and of course the Lemonade (both regular and sugar free) and cookies and amazing cake provided for 17 years since the very first event by Metro.  Of course the Lemonade also needed lots of water provided by Aquareal and this year the Hot Chocolate was graciously provided by Second Cup at York Mills.  Thankfully our tables from Event Rental Group  were perfectly covered by amazing Impact Tents and of course the event had the very best signage provided by Reprodux!!! and the very best advertising provided by MPP Marketing Group.  All of this was occurring while Bounce entertainment kept the energy level high but not too high to startle our animal visitors and  long time friends (16 yrs at Amanda’s Lemonade Stand) from the Lionels Farm with their pony rides and our dear friends from the Bowmanville Zoo who brought out an adorable Lion Cub who stole everyone’s heart.  Winky the Clown made all the little people look like princesses and super heroes while they hovered around the amazing items in the auctions including amazing toys from SpinMaster and Jakks Pacific and bid on amazing items from DisneyWorld,  Autographed items from Sports Celebrities like Bobby Orr and items from Maple Leaf Sports, Scuba 2000, Canadian Tire, Tons of local restaurants and businesses and even tickets from David Copperfield in Las Vegas….soooo much more and the truly amazing part is that ALL OF THE ABOVE WAS DONATED 100%

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for showing that everything is possible when we use our heart and that we are never too little to make a big difference and no effort is too small to change the world.  Amanda’s 17th Annual Lemonade Stand helped bring the total raised to date to over $210,000 to fix kids hearts that are broken or need to be replaced!!!!!

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