2001: The Year of the Rainy TV Interview

So, when I was 3 years old, I had one of my very first television interviews, with CityTV. Now, that was a pretty big deal, especially for a three-year-old! Long story short though, I had to wake up at around 4am, and go down to the station, where I stood out in the RAIN with my mom and the interview reporter. Let me tell you, it was one heck of a long morning. Oh sure, I really appreciated the time off preschool, and the fantastic media coverage it gave me that year for the stand, but seriously, rain? Jeez.

Lemonade Stand #3-5

There it is, the rainy interview. How can you tell that it’s raining? Umbrella.

The 3rd lemonade stand introduced me to a lot of the media. Television, Newspaper, Radio. As a three-year-old, I can imagine that I was totally thrilled! Some cool grown-ups were asking me easy questions about my fun lemonade stand, and were just, you know, always smiling at me! I just got to talk, and everyone would listen, it was fantastic!

Lemonade Stand #3-22

TV camera, interviewing me at lemonade stand #3!

H&S Ride 2001-8


Appearance of the Purple Helmet of Awesome, on the Ride for Heart! Hey, I still had a pretty cool gig going there: riding, looking at the CN tower and snacking on cheerios… while Daddy had to exercise!

Lemonade Stand #3-58This photo was taken after the Ride for Heart that year, when I was handing in the money that I had raised that year at the lemonade stand. See that little red pail in the bottom left corner (with the dalmatian dogs on it?) yeah, that’s what I wanted to carry the money in. I was an unusually dalmatain-obsessed child. But, it looks like I was doing a pretty proficient job with handing in that money. Go me!

Lemonade Stand #3-46This is definitely one of my very favourite ‘lemonade-stand-pictures’. With my Ride shirt and matching ‘VIP’ hat, I think I decided to take a nap on one of those lawn-chair things. I seriously doubt I could still sprawl across one of those now, like I did then… but I definitely approve of my nap location choice. After all, the life of a philanthropist and lemonade CEO is a busy one, even as a toddler! 🙂



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