2003: The Year of the 5th Anniversary

So at this point, I’d been having a lemonade stand on my grandparent’s front lawn for 5 years. And, I was basically almost 6 at this point, so there was no possible way I could remember a time without the lemonade stand in my life. And as an almost-six-year-old, I thought that the lemonade stand was pretty awesome! I mean, it was a whole day just to have fun, pour lemonade, talk to people who were completely interested, and get balloon animals (granted, at that time, I liked balloons – now, not so much)! 2003Ta Da!

Hard at work 2003

As you can see, at this point, we actually started to put out the infamous History Boards, displaying all the past year’s lemonade stands. In later years, these proved to be a great asset to the event each year, and people have come up to tell me how much they love to look at me grow up with the lemonade stand over the years!

Lemonade Stand #5 FlyerSo, here’s the flyer for the 5th lemonade stand, and as you can see, it’s definitely not as elaborate as it is now, but things are coming together, and at that point, we were branching out a fair bit, starting to get some entertainers and even cake! Oh, I love cake.

Funny story: Well, we didn’t actually go on the Ride for Heart that year! We have gone down there every year, but not necessarily ridden. My best guess, was that it was pouring rain, and we didn’t feel that it was safe to bring a five-year-old out on the DVP on a bike. We were there though, inside the building (but we also have a lack of pictures from that year)!

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