2010: The Year of the “Cookie Eyes”

Well, as I keep saying, I love my little brother Joshua tremendously. I mean, I really do love him so much. He has such an outstanding and outgoing personality, he’s a real character and has my sense of humour too! An example of this? What my family likes to call “Cookie Eyes.” Take a look:phoca_thumb_l_2010 Lemonade Stand30

See what I mean? He’s a ham! 

phoca_thumb_l_2010 Lemonade Stand17

There’s me, enjoying one of my interviews with CTV. They’ve also been an incredibly supporter all the way through, and have been there for me, covering my story for basically my entire life. I owe a lot of my success to them – always able to get the word out about me and my efforts to make a difference, and they have stuck with my story all along. You guys are fantastic, thank you all so very much! 

phoca_thumb_l_2010 Lemonade Stand8

Remember the “Nothing’s Impossible” song? Yeah, Joshua adores that song, and loves to sing it too. In fact, he loves it so much that in 2010, he actually stole the mic from me (as seen above) and would not let me sing into it, or hold it, or use it until the song was done. Truly, he just wanted to show off his musical talents (he does have some, by the way!) 

phoca_thumb_l_2010 Lemonade Stand26

Just incase you didn’t get your appropriate dose of Joshua-being-cute for today, here’s one last picture 🙂

Quotes By Joshua:

Josh heart flower


Okay, so this is pretty adorable. When I was three years old, being interviewed by Global (refer to 2001), I told them that the heart was something that, “pumped love through your body”. I thought that was pretty ingenious at the time, until someone asked Joshua the same question, of what he was helping/raising money for. If you can see the picture above, this is what he answered, “This is where hearts grow. Then doctors pick them off and then they get an operation and the doctors put them in their bodies. Love Joshua.”

At around 3 years old, Joshua drew his heart flower in his heart garden, where doctors “grow love”.

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